Educators Needed: International Exchange Coordinator

Job Industry: Education, Sales, Youth Counseling, Non Profit
Job Title: Educators Needed: International Exchange Coordinator
Job Type: Part-time
Compensation: Up to $1200 per student, plus bonuses and international travel opportunities
Location: Plattsburgh, NY

PAX - Program of Academic Exchange is an international non-profit, working with high school exchange students from 70+ countries! Each year, we offer a number of international trips for community coordinators to learn more about the countries from which our impressive young people come. Bring the world to your community; make a difference in the lives of courageous international students; and learn more about the world!

Ideal candidates:
Have parented or worked with teens for three or more years
Are optimistic, motivated, flexible self-starters.
Must possess excellent communication skills.
Bring an internationally minded perspective to what they do
Education, sales, and youth counseling experience a plus
Should live in the community for more than 3 years

Job responsibilities include:
Arranging semester and academic year homestays and high school enrollment for exchange students.
Generating interest in the local community, working with volunteer families interested in hosting.
Providing orientations for both families and students.
Guiding young, international visitors through personal and cultural adjustment.
Providing friends and neighbors in your community and the young people they host positive, life changing exposure to new cultures.
Participating in the annual PAX national meeting, held at a attractive location.

Additional information and compensation:
The position boasts part-time, flexible scheduling, modest compensation on a commission basis, potential for annual international travel perks, and is managed from home. Many coordinators approach the position as a meaningful community service project with benefits, a second job, or an opportunity to pursue their interests and passions while making a contribution to their community. This is an independent contractor position; commission-based compensation is paid per student placed and supervised.

To learn more about the PAX Community Coordinator position, visit our website at http://pax.org/home_coordinators.php. If the position is a good fit for you, please take a moment to complete our Community Coordinator online application at,
http://forms.pax.org/forms/formcoordinator.html (Please note: In order for a candidate to be considered, the online application must be submitted via the link above.)

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