Operations Manager (Store: 10-1357)

Operations Manager Positions at Heartland AutomotiveOperations Managers are responsible for ensuring that all Teammates are technically proficient and all certification standards are up to date.
These are our resident experts who ensure quality workmanship to get our guests back on the road.
Whether you come to us with automotive experience or you‚EUR(TM)ve developed your skills through Jiffy Lube Universitysm, our award-winning training program, we offer opportunities for advancement.
Operations Manager ResponsibilitiesThe Operations Manager is responsible for ensuring optimal team performance and capability, as well as keeping Teammates training up-to-date and ensuring that all technical certifications are maintained.
This position provides the day-to-day leadership, coaching and development necessary to support an exceptional guest experience.
Other Operations Manager duties include:
‚EURĘ Take initiative and working with the General Manager to increase sales, improve store profitability and reduce controllable expenses‚EURĘ Understand how our business works and is an expert on all Jiffy Lube products and services‚EURĘ Ensure that Teammates are meeting all safety, productivity, training, quality and guest service requirements and that facilities and work areas are safe, clean and fully operational‚EURĘ Provide an exceptional guest experience by performing the appropriate services and meeting the guests‚EUR(TM) needs.
‚EURĘ Assist guests with their questions and needs, either in person or via telephone‚EURĘ As part of the store leadership team, lead team huddles and store meetings‚EURĘ Ensure that the service center is clean and presentableOperations Manager QualificationsThe Operations Manager must have a positive, helpful attitude as well as professional conduct and appearance at all times.
This person should also have a sound business aptitude and a thorough understanding of automotive services.
The Operations Manager must also:
‚EURĘ Have previous automotive experience, with at least 1-2 years of management experience‚EURĘ Must be able to motivate and inspire Teammates‚EURĘ Communicate effectively with our guests and at all levels within the organization‚EURĘ Have the ability to explain technical diagnoses and needed repairs to non-mechanical individuals, which may include Teammates or guests‚EURĘ Be able to continuously learn and teach new technical information and techniques in the rapidly changing automotive industryPhysical QualificationsTo effectively perform the duties of an Operations Manager, you must be able to stand on your feet on hard surfaces, like concrete or metal.
Expect to work in an environment in which you may frequently experience hot and cold temperatures, loud noises and exhaust fumes.
Other physical qualifications for an Operations Manager include:
‚EURĘ Must be able to operate equipment such as overhead and floor mounted oil and grease guns, transmission machine, air conditioner service machine, radiator service machine, hand tools and basic office equipment‚EURĘ Must be able to lift and move work-related items up to 50 pounds‚EURĘ Must be able to push, pull, pull up, bend at the knees and waist, twist body at the waist, raise and hold arms overhead, turn head-neck-shoulders as needed, grasp and hold tools and other items with hands‚EURĘ Have a valid driver‚EUR(TM)s license and be able to drive vehiclesHeartland Automotive is an equal opportunity and veteran friendly employer.
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