Customer Service Advisor (Store: 10-1357)

Customer Service Advisor Jobs at Heartland AutomotiveCustomer Service Advisors (CSAs) are responsible for delivering exceptional customer service to our guests.
By allowing our guests to make informed decisions about their automotive needs and services, they help increase sales and build loyalty.
The CSA is a Lube Technician who has successfully completed the CSA certification program through Jiffy Lube Universitysm.
Customer Service Advisor Responsibilities Customer Service Advisors are responsible for creating a positive guest experience.
They offer service recommendations, ensuring completion of quality workmanship communicate to the guest any special circumstances that impact overall satisfaction.
Other CSA duties include:
‚EURĘ Understanding the full range of Jiffy Lube products and services ‚EURĘ Accurately capturing guests‚EUR(TM) product needs and providing updates throughout the entire process‚EURĘ Offering our guests options that are tailored specifically to their automotive needs‚EURĘ Giving impartial advice to ensure that our guests are aware of manufacturer recommendationsCustomer Service Advisor QualificationsYou don‚EUR(TM)t need to have professional experience in the automotive services industry to work at Heartland.
Simply put, we‚EUR(TM)re looking for people who can provide exceptional customer service.
The CSA must also:
‚EURĘ Be able to analyze, comprehend and recommend financial objectives that increase sales and service results‚EURĘ Enjoy face-to-face interaction with guests, to include resolving any issues‚EURĘ Be a subject matter expert in such areas as vehicle safety rules, operations manuals and maintenance instructions‚EURĘ You must have the ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals, as well as be able to speak effectively with our guests and other Teammates.
‚EURĘ Ensure that the service center is clean and presentable‚EURĘ If you have previous experience in retail, restaurants or the hospitality industry, you might be perfect fit for a CSA position!Physical QualificationsTo effectively perform the duties of a CSA, you must be able to stand on your feet on hard surfaces, like concrete or metal.
Expect to work in an environment in which you may frequently experience hot and cold temperatures, loud noises and exhaust fumes.
Other physical qualifications for a CSA include:
‚EURĘ Must be able to operate equipment such as overhead and floor mounted oil and grease guns, transmission machine, air conditioner service machine, radiator service machine, hand tools and basic office equipment‚EURĘ Must be able to lift and move work-related items up to 50 pounds‚EURĘ Must be able to push, pull, pull up, bend at the knees and waist, twist body at the waist, raise and hold arms overhead, turn head-neck-shoulders as needed, grasp and hold tools and other items with hands‚EURĘ Have a valid driver‚EUR(TM)s license and be able to drive vehiclesHeartland Automotive is an equal opportunity and veteran friendly employer.

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